Renewable Energy System Benefits

A Ground, Water or Air Source Heat Pump system recovers the renewable natural solar energy trapped in the ground, water or in the air around your house, using it to heat your home.

Heat Pump System
A Heat Pump System reduces local emissions of carbon to zero, and will reduce the running costs of your home heating by up to 75%*, whilst also providing heat for your swimming pool, and cooling your house in warmer months.

Energy provided by the sun is limitless, free and renewable. This energy is stored in the air or in the ground or in the water around your home in the form of heat.

Our Ground, Water and Air Source Heat Pump systems harness this energy for you, converting it to provide your house, office or factory with all the heat and hot water you need.

During warmer weather, the heat pump can be set to automatically reverse, providing cooling to the house via an underfloor or fan coil system.
* Dimplex Brochure – Dimplex renewables – Ref: CI/SFB56

The Benefits

• No local emissions of harmful gases
• Works night and day, all year, in all weathers
• Free renewable energy
• Underfloor, Radiator or Skirting systems
• Provides Domestic hot water
• Save up to 75% of your heating costs
• 30 years proven technology
• Installing Heat Pumps results in a dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 60%* (compared to a modern condensing gas boiler)
* Dimplex Brochure – Dimplex renewables – Ref: CI/SFB56